Vellinge Kommun

Municipality at the southwestern tip of Sweden

The municipality of Vellinge has approximately 33,000 inhabitants. Most of them live in Höllviken (10,000 inhabitants), on the peninsula Falsterbonäset (7,000 inhabitants) and in the main village Vellinge (6,000 inhabitants). Vellinge kommun is together with the municipalities Malmö, Skurup, Svedala and Trelleborg situated in the ancient cultural landscape Söderslätt, a flat plane in the southwest of the province of Skåne, whose arable soils belongs to the most fruitful in Europe.

With a total area of approximately 140 square kilometers and about 235 inhabitants per square kilometer, the municipality Vellinge according to Swedish standards is relatively densely populated.

The peninsula is known worldwide as a resting place for migratory birds. During their migration from Scandinavia in the southern winter quarters, the majority of over 500 million migratory birds rest on Falsterbonäset before they cross the Baltic Sea to Denmark.