Håslövs Stubbamölla 2011
Håslövs Stubbamölla 2011 | Photo: GuidebookSweden (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Håslövs Stubbamölla

Post mill in Norra Håslöv

The windmill Håslövs Stubbamölla in Norra Håslöv was built in 1758 and just one person was needed for operation.

This windmill is a post mill, which means the entire mill is rotatably mounted on a post. For operation, the whole mill body was turned into the wind.

The mill was shut down in 1940 and is now a protected monument. It is in possession of the heritage association Skytts Härads Hembygdsförening from Trelleborg.

235 91 Vellinge (Norra Håslöv)
55°26′14.9″N 13°2′2.37″E

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