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Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Skåne Län

Skåne Län

The Granary of Sweden

Skåne Län is the southernmost county of Sweden, consist mainly of a peninsula and also forms the southernmost tip of Scandinavia. The entire region is a popular holiday destination and offers a beautiful landscape and many sights.

Around 1.3 million people live in a total area of approximately 11,000 km². This is about 13 % of the total population of Sweden. With 113 inhabitants/km² Skåne has the second highest population density in Sweden.

A large part of the inhabitants of Skåne, about 900,000 people, live in immediate vicinity to the coast. Malmö is the largest city in the region and the capital of Skåne län.

The county has almost the shape of a square rectangular and the geographical extent is about 160 km. The west side is bounded by the Kattegat and the Öresund. On the south and east Skåne is borderd by the Baltic Sea. The northern border ist formed by Hallands Län and Kronobergs Län.

In the opinion of many people, the true Sweden actually starts north of Skåne. The reason is the atypical and predominantly flat landscape. The very fertile loamy soils are always been used for intensive agriculture and Skåne became known as The Granary of Sweden.

The occurring forests consist mainly of broadleaf trees. Only at the northern boundary extending the first dense coniferous forests.