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Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Tomelilla Kommun

Tomelilla Kommun

The inland of Österlen

The municipality of Tomelilla Kommun is located not far from the coast in the southeast of the southern Swedish province of Skåne Län and covers the inland half of the much-loved picture-book landscape of Österlen.

The landscape and nature within Tomelilla Kommun can be roughly divided into two completely different areas. While the southern part with the central town of Tomelilla is predominantly flat and characterised by intensive agriculture, the northern half is hilly and forested with species-rich flora and fauna.

The Linderödsåsen, a tectonic fault about 60 kilometres long, extends through the northern part of the municipality from west to east and across the whole of Skåne. The highest elevation of the Linderödsåsen is the approximately 195-metre-high Hallabjär near Andrarum, which also marks the highest point within the municipality. To the north-east of the range of hills is the unusual hilly landscape Brösarps Backar, which is known as Österlen's northern gateway and, with its almost unreal-seeming sea of hills, often serves as a flagship for the whole of Österlen.

The picturesque landscapes, the mild climate and the special light conditions have not only made Österlen a popular holiday region, but have also led to an above-average number of artists settling in the area. As a result, there is a wide range of galleries, studios and artisan workshops in the municipality of Tomelilla, as in the neighbouring municipalities.

Nature & Sights

Some 17 nature reserves represent the different landscapes of the region and offer the opportunity to immerse oneself in the protected nature of Tomelilla Kommun on walks or hikes of varying lengths on mostly marked circular trails. The largest nature reserves are located in the north of the municipality, such as the 1,100-hectare Verkeåns Naturreservat, which offers a varied landscape along the river Verkeån with different forests, deep gorges as well as Skåne's highest waterfall Hallamölla Vattenfall.

Sweden's oldest standard-gauge museum railway Ångtåget på Österlen, which also runs in the north of the municipality, offers exciting experiences for railway nostalgics. Steam trains run regularly during the summer from Brösarp to Sankt Olof in the neighbouring municipality of Simrishamn, crossing the picturesque landscape around Brösarps Backar.

For those interested in history, a visit to the castle Christinehof Slott offers an insight into a piece of Swedish history and in particular into the life of Christina Piper, one of the leading entrepreneurs in Swedish history, who had the castle built in the 18th century. An attraction especially for families with children is Skåne's largest amusement park Tosselilla Sommarland not far from Tomelilla. With rides and various water and play areas, the park offers a whole range of activities for the whole family.

Tomelilla Kommun in figures

The land area of the municipality of Tomelilla is around 396 square kilometres, which is only a few square kilometres larger than its neighbour municipality Simrishamn Kommun. With a total of almost 14,000 inhabitants, the population density is around 35 inhabitants per square kilometre, almost twice the national average. About half of the population lives in the immediate vicinity of the central town Tomelilla, about 700 inhabitants live in the next largest town Brösarp, and just over 500 live in Onslunda, which is the third largest town in the municipality.