Burlövs Kommun

The second smallest municipality in Sweden

The municipality Burlöv is located on the northeastern outskirts of the southern Swedish city Malmö. Arlöv is its administrative center.

The proximity to Malmö is so close that Arlöv is also a district of Malmö. To the north, the municipality Burlöv borders on the territory of the coastal municipality Lomma and at the east lies Staffanstorps kommun.

Burlövs kommun is with just 19 square kilometers the second smallest among the 290 Swedish municipalities. Due to the connection to Malmö, a population of 17,500 people ensures that the community is well populated. The population density is with about 920 inhabitants per square kilometer fairly high.

Due to the small area, there are only two larger towns in the municipality; Arlöv with about 10,200 inhabitants and Åkarp with 5,600 residents.