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Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Ängelholms Kommun

Ängelholms Kommun

Tourist region on the bay of Skälderviken

The municipality Ängelholm is located almost in the far northwest of the southern Swedish province Skåne län. In the West, the municipality is mainly limited by bay Skälderviken. In the north, the municipality borders the neighboring province Hallands län.

Based on the area of just about 431 square kilometers, the municipality of Ängelholm occupies place 207 of 290 among Swedish municipalities. However, in terms of population, with more than 40,000 inhabitants and a population density of just 96 inhabitants per square kilometer it is a more densely populated region in Sweden.

In addition to the city Ängelholm, the capital town of the municipality and with more than 23,000 inhabitants also the largest, there are another 25 towns in the municipality. The next largest towns are Munka-Ljunby with almost 2,900 inhabitants, Vejbystrand with just over 2,500, as well as Strövelstorp with nearly 1,100 residents.