Ängelholms Flygmuseum 2015
Ängelholms Flygmuseum 2015 | Photo: GuidebookSweden (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Ängelholms Flygmuseum

Air force museum in Ängelholm

Ängelholms Flygmuseum is located on the outskirts of Ängelholm in Valhall Park, the former air base of the F10 air fleet in Skåne, near the airport Ängelholm/Helsingborg.

After the Skåne air fleet was disbanded after nearly 70 years in 2002, the museum opened in the spring of 2004, established and operated by the initiative of the F10 fellowship association.

There are several uniforms, pilot equipment, a radar center, various aircraft engines and motor vehicles, and of course different aircrafts. The exhibition includes the following aircrafts that have been used previously in the Swedish Air Force:

  • FFVS 22, a single-engine fighter aircraft from the 1940s
  • SAAB 91 Safir, a single-engine training aircraft that was used in its kind until 1993
  • SAAB J29F Tunnan, a single jet fighter that was in service until the 1970s
  • SAAB 105 SK60B, a twin-engine reconnaissance and light combat aircraft
  • SAAB Draken J35J, a single jet fighter, used until 1999
  • SAAB AJSF37 Viggen, a single jet fighter, last version was in active duty until 2005
  • SAAB JAS39 Gripen, the current multi-purpose combat aircraft, as it is used since 1996 by the Swedish Air Force

In addition, there is a helicopter Bell 204B, as well as the remains of a crashed British Lancaster Bomber from 1944.

In one of the simulators the museum visitors can optionally experience a flight in a Cessna, a SK60, a J35 Draken or a helicopter. Another simulator is installed in the cockpit of a J35 Draken and offers the experience of a pilot in a fighter jet during a one-hour "flight". A flight with this simulator is not very cheap but still quite popular and should be booked in advance.

For the young museum visitors there is a simulator that formerly served as an instrument flight simulator at the civil aviation school and provides a 5-minute "flight experience" today.

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