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Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Skurups Kommun

Skurups Kommun

The home of Nils Holgersson

The municipality Skurups Kommun is situated in the south-west of the province Skåne Län, on the south coast of Sweden with its long sandy beaches. Located between the municipalities Trelleborgs Kommun in the west and Ystads Kommun in the east.

Geographically, Skurups Kommun stretches from the beaches of the Baltic Sea in a northerly direction to the foothills of Romeleåsen, Sweden's southernmost mountain range of up to 186 metres in height.

With the municipalities of Malmö, Vellinge, Trelleborg and Svedala, Skurups Kommun is situated within the ancient cultural landscape of Söderslätt, whose arable soils are among the most fertile in Europe and which is generally regarded as characteristic of the landscape in Skåne. It is a plain of only very flat, gentle hills with a mosaic of fields and meadows stretching to the horizon and patterned brown, yellow or green depending on the season. Or, as Selma Lagerlöfs The Wonderful Adventures of Nils says – this "big plaid scarf", which Nils describes after he had taken to the air with the geese from his parents' farm in Västra Vemmenhög on the south-western edge of the municipality.

You will search in vain for large forests in Skurups Kommun. Only in the northeast of the municipality there is a large forest area around Castle Svaneholm, which is also the location of the three largest of the municipality's six nature reserves. Otherwise, the tree population consists of long rows of willows that line the small roads between the fields, small groves around the large farmsteads and the rows of trees planted behind some beaches to protect them from drifting sand.

Beach is plentiful, because basically the whole coastline of Skurups Kommun is one continuous sandy beach. Sections such as Bingsmarken or Mossbystrand are among the most beautiful and popular beaches on the south coast of Sweden, with fine white sand, dune belts and child-friendly shallow shores.

Skurups Kommun in figures

The municipality of Skurup covers an area of approximately 511 square kilometres, which makes it one of the smaller municipalities in Skåne in terms of area. With about 16,000 inhabitants, the population density is about 82 inhabitants per square kilometre, which is about three times the Swedish national average. Almost exactly half of the inhabitants live within the central town of Skurup, about 1,400 inhabitants live in Rydsgård and about 1,300 in Skivarp as the third largest settlement within the municipality.