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Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Hultsfreds Kommun

Hultsfreds Kommun

At the edge of the Småland highlands

The region of the Hultsfreds Kommun extends over the wooded eastern foothills of the Småland highlands in the interior of the east coast province Kalmar Län.

The landscape of the Hultsfreds Kommun consists of low wooded ridges with intervening plains and larger agricultural areas before the terrain climbs westwards to the highlands of Småland.

Nestled among dense forests are over 350 smaller and larger lakes, which offer secluded bathing areas, paddling and a wide range of fishing opportunities. The largest lake in the region with 6.9 square kilometers is the Hulingen, located on the outskirts of the central town Hultsfred.

As the region's largest town, Hultsfred has several hotels, restaurants, and plenty of supermarkets on the outskirts and smaller retailers in the city center. Hultsfred is a railway junction in eastern Småland and the western end of the historical narrow-gauge railway between Hultsfred and Västervik on the coast.

With just under 15,000 inhabitants and the resulting 13 inhabitants per square kilometer, the region is relatively sparsely populated. With about 5,500 inhabitants, Hultsfred is the largest town, followed by Virserum with 1,800 and Målilla with 1,400 inhabitants. The nearest smaller towns are Mörlunda, Silverdalen, Järnforsen, Vena and Rosenfors, each with significantly less than 1,000 inhabitants.