Sveriges Telemuseum 2017
Sveriges Telemuseum 2017 | Photo: GuidebookSweden (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Sveriges Telemuseum

Sweden's largest telephone museum

Sveriges Telemuseum is the largest telephone museum in Sweden. It is located on the grounds of the cultural center Bolagsområdet in Virserum, around 32 kilometers southwest of Hultsfred.

Founded in 2001, Sveriges Telemuseum occupies a large two-storey wooden building of a former furniture factory, where the finished furniture was given its final touch and were polished.

There are 700 different mobile phones in the exhibition, the oldest being from 1956. The landline phones are represented with 300 different models – the oldest are from 1892 – from all eras of the last century. The exhibition shows only a small part of the collected phones, because the museum's collection consists of several thousand devices.

Exhibition on telecommunications

Among the phones on display are old bakelite phones and various models of Ericsson's bestselling Ericofon from the mid-1950s, also popularly known as "Kobra". The futuristic designed one-piece telephone, in which the handset and dialer consist of one piece, was spontaneously a bestseller in 1956 when it was introduced to the market. About 2.5 million copies were produced until 1982 and it has become a coveted collector's item.

Many of the exhibits are located in contemporary environments, whereby not only telephones are admired in the museum, but also other devices from the telecommunications. These include switchboards, telephone exchanges, teletypewriters, fax machines, pagers, intercoms, radio transmitters and measuring instruments.

Kyrkogatan 4
570 80 Virserum
57°19′1.59″N 15°35′26.9″E
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