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Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Jönköpings Kommun

Jönköpings Kommun

Around the southern Vättern

The municipality Jönköpings Kommun is located in the northwest of Småland at the Vättern, the second largest lake in Sweden. In the west, the municipality borders on the neighboring province Västra Götalands Län and with its northeastern tip to the province Östergötlands Län.

Jönköpings Kommun, located in the northwest of the province Jönköpings Län, extends over the densely forested western foothills of the Småland highlands as well as over the southern third of the lake Vättern including the picturesque island Visingsö.

The municipality with its main town Jönköping, also the provincial capital of Jönköpings Län, can safely be described as the metropolitan region in Småland. Apart from the numerous shopping opportunities offered by the ninth largest city in Sweden, the region has a very rich offer both in cultural and cultural-historical terms as well as recreational opportunities on and around the water and in the nature.

Destinations and worth seeing

In addition to the dominant Vättern, there are about 200 lakes within the municipality. About 40 completely different nature reserves invite to hike in pristine nature – including Dumme Mosse, one of the largest moorland areas in southern Sweden. In sharp contrast to this is, for example, the Sjöbergen Naturreservat, which includes a stretch of the dramatic cliffs on the eastern shore of the Vättern.

From a historical point of view, Jönköping developed very early to a center of metalworking in Sweden. The nucleus was the armory founded in the late Middle Ages in today's Huskvarna district. The Husqvarna Museum shows the development from a weapons manufacturer to a well-known manufacturer of two-wheelers and further to today's premium brand for garden and household appliances.

A product firmly linked to Jönköping are in any case the matches that have earned the town the nickname "city of matches". Its own match museum tells the story of the Swedish invention of safety matches and the associated rise of local factories to the world's largest match producers of their time.

Another well-known product from the region is the Polkagrisar – red and white striped candy canes with peppermint flavor, for which the small town Gränna on the eastern shore of the Vättern is world famous. The popular sweets are made there by small businesses and you can often take a look into the production.

The municipality Jönköping in numbers

With a land area of just under 1,500 square kilometers, Jönköpings Kommun is the second-largest municipality in the province of Jönköpings Län after the municipality of Vetlanda. However, with almost 140,000 inhabitants and a population density of over 93 inhabitants per square kilometer, it is by far the most densely populated region in the whole of Småland.

More than 96,000 inhabitants live in the urban area of Jönköping. The remaining 44,000 inhabitants are spread over 14 other villages with more than 200 inhabitants, whereby the gap is very large. The next largest town to Jönköping is Bankeryd with only 8,500 inhabitants, followed by Taberg with just under 4,500 inhabitants.