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Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Torsås Kommun

Torsås Kommun

At the southern Kalmar Sound

The municipality of Torsås Kommun is located at the Kalmar Sound and is both the southernmost and smallest municipality within the province of Kalmar Län. It borders the municipality of Kalmar Kommun to the north, Emmaboda Kommun to the west and Karlskrona Kommun in the neighbouring province of Blekinge Län to the south.

The landscape within Torsås Kommun consists of a predominantly forested plain. Slightly more than 70 percent of the municipality is covered by forest and about 15 percent of the area is used for agriculture. The agricultural areas extend as a continuous strip up to five kilometres wide along the coast, while the hinterland is almost entirely forested and quite sparsely populated.

With only 15 small lakes, the inland waters within the municipality are rather underrepresented by Småland standards. On the other hand, the coast with several bathing beaches, such as the family-friendly sandy beach Fulviks Badplats, offers plenty of opportunities to spend beautiful summer days at the water.

While the forests invite you to take long walks or bike rides in natural tranquillity, cultural and cultural-historical institutions such as small museums and heritage sites are concentrated around the small coastal towns. Historically, until 1658 the border between Sweden and Denmark ran along what is now the municipality of Torsås, with the stream Bröms marking the border.

Nearby stood the Danish border fortress Brömsehus, of which only the fortress mound and the moat remain today. On a small island in the former border stream stands the Peace Stone of Brömsebro, which commemorates the Swedish-Danish peace negotiations of August 13, 1645. A few kilometres up the coast you come across the remains of the 14th-century Påbonäs Borg, the Swedish counterpart to the Danish fortress Brömsehus.

Torsås Kommun in figures

With a land area of 605 square kilometres, Torsås Kommun is the smallest municipality in terms of the size within the province of Kalmar Län. With around 7,100 inhabitants and a population density of about 15 inhabitants per square kilometre, it is relatively sparsely populated for a coastal region and is well below the average population density of the province. More than half of the inhabitants live in the coastal towns of Bergkvara and Söderåkra, as well as in the central town of Torsås located inland.