Lunds Konsthall 2008
Lunds Konsthall 2008 | Photo: Aiert Buruaga (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Lunds Konsthall

Art gallery in Lund

Lunds Konshall is the municipal art gallery in the center of Lund and for decades one of the leading exhibitors of contemporary art in Sweden.

With the design of the art gallery, which was opened in 1957, the well-known architect Klas Anselm succeeded in a creative balancing act. Seen from the outside, the gallery is almost perfectly adapted to the surrounding medieval buildings by its shape as well as its closed brick façade - but the interior is modern and the light conditions in the rooms are optimized for the presentation of art objects.

The four building parts of the gallery surround a large courtyard, which is mainly used as an exhibition space for large sculptures. On the two floors of the hall are various exhibition rooms in different sizes.

Every year, Lunds Konsthall organizes four different exhibitions, with the focus on the contemporary art. Both nationally and internationally known artists and newcomers are presented. Usually it is the first time that the works are presented to a broader audience.

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12:00 – 17:00

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