Dalby Stenbrott 2013
Dalby Stenbrott 2013 | Photo: Jorchr (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Dalby Stenbrott

Swimming lake in a quarry near Dalby

Dalby Stenbrott, also known as Knivsåsen Stenbrott, is probably the most exciting swimming place in Lunds Kommun, because it is located in a former stone quarry.

The steep cliffs of the quarry, which is abandoned since 1958 and filled with water, give the lake a certain dramatic atmosphere. In combination with the secluded location within the nature reserve Knivsåsen, the scenery of Dalby Stenbrott arouses a little wilderness feeling in the middle of the otherwise relatively densely populated region.

The bathing place has a lawn, some tables and benches and a tiny sandy beach. Otherwise, the lake is surrounded by steep and up to ten meters high rock walls, which are often used for a quite dangerous jump into the clear water.

Note: Dalby Stenbrott is not an official municipal bathing place and bathing is at your own risk. Nevertheless, the water quality is checked regularly during the summer.

247 94 Dalby
55°39′33.4″N 13°24′2.04″E

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