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Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Varbergs Kommun

Varbergs Kommun

West coast between beach and archipelago

The municipality Varbergs Kommun and the neighboring municipality Kungsbacka Kommun form the northernmost regions of the province Hallands Län on the Swedish west coast south of Gothenburg.

The coast of the municipality of Varberg, located on the Kattegat, offers a changing picture in its course from north to south. In the northern part it is rocky and it shows the first islands of the archipelago of the Swedish west coast. South of the city of Varberg, the main locality of the municipality, are long sandy beaches that make the city a popular seaside resort.

Toward the interior of the country, the terrain rises to an average of 60 to 70 meters above sea level. The landscape is hilly and criss-crossed by some rocky ridges, with the Kruneberg being the highest point at 198 meters. In contrast to the immediate coastal area, around 150 smaller lakes are located in this region. The Mäsen is with an area of approximately 4.7 square kilometers the largest lake in the region.

Destinations & sights in Varbergs Kommun

The city of Varberg with its almost 35,000 inhabitants is one of the larger cities in Sweden. It is one of the most visited tourist towns in summer and one of the most important health resorts in Sweden.

Particularly popular tourist destinations are the large Varberg Fortress located directly at the harbor and the sandy beaches in the holiday area Apelviken south of the city center. A very special destination for technically interested visitors is the radio station Grimeton, about 15 kilometers east of Varberg. It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004 and the world's oldest fully operational VFL (very low frequency) transmitter.

Over thirty different nature reserves invite you to get to know the flora and fauna typical of the area. In addition, there are several cultural monuments from different eras that testify to a settlement of the region dating back to the Stone Age.

The municipality Varberg in numbers

With an area of around 910 square kilometers, the Varbergs Kommun is one of the medium-sized Swedish municipalities. With almost 63,000 inhabitants and a population density of almost 73 inhabitants per square kilometer, it is relatively densely populated.

However, more than half of this is accounted for by the immediate city area of Varberg. The surrounding countryside is much less populated. The next largest towns are Tvååker with almost 2,700 inhabitants, followed by Veddige with just under 2,300 and Bua with about 2,000 inhabitants.