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Klapperstensgravfält Påarp 2014
Klapperstensgravfält Påarp 2014 | Photo: Arkland (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Halmstads Kommun

Klapperstensgravfält Påarp

Large Iron Age burial ground in Påarp

Klapperstensgravfält Påarp is the largest Iron Age burial ground in the province Hallands Län in the southwest of Sweden. It is located at the edge of the village Påarp at the bay of Laholm, about 13 kilometres south of Halmstad.

Påarps Gravfält is situated in the middle of a large pebble field near the shore, where the material was practically at the feet of the Iron Age builders who built the numerous mound graves. There are about 220 stone burial mounds and 50 stone settings, which were laid at this spot with a panoramic sea view about 2,000 years ago.

With one exception, the graves are only a few metres in diameter and rise only slightly above the pebble field. The exception is the largest burial mound, called Sänkehög, in the northwestern part of the burial ground. It has a diameter of 30 metres and is two metres high.

Norra Sänkevägen
305 95 Halmstad (Påarp)
56°36′0.28″N 12°55′6.58″E

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