Ivars Kulle 2015
Ivars Kulle 2015 | Photo: Jorchr (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Ivars Kulle

Bronze Age burial mound near Halmstad

Ivars Kulle is a Bronze Age burial mound located quite well visible on open field near the highway E20, about 5 kilometers north of Halmstad.

The burial mound Ivars Kulle, which was built about 2,000 years ago, has a diameter of about 40 metres and a height of four metres. Overall, the artificial burial mound rises considerably higher from its surroundings, as its builders placed it on a natural mound of an three meter high moraine from the Ice Age.

The probability of Ivars Kulle containing even younger graves from the Iron Age is assumed, but has not yet been proven. However, its use in the Bronze Age has been proven, since five graves were found during a partial excavation in 1972, which could be clearly assigned to the Bronze Age due to their grave offerings.

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