Husbyviks Badplats 2018
Husbyviks Badplats 2018 | Photo: GuidebookSweden (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Husbyviks Badplats

Beach at Slätbaken near Mogata

The small well-kept beach Husbyviks Badplats is located outside of Mogata on the south shore of the long bay Slätbaken, about 11 kilometres east of Söderköping.

Husbyviks Badplats is situated on the Djursnäs promontory on the west side of the small bay Husbyvik and offers a beautiful view over the Slätbaken with its high rocky and mostly wooded shores.

The bathing area faces east and consists of a sandy beach about 20 metres long with a bathing bridge and an open sunbathing lawn. The trees of the adjoining forest provide shade on the west side of the lawn from midday onwards.

The beach is also equipped with a dry toilet, a changing room and a barbecue area.

614 90 Söderköping (Mogata)
58°28′0.64″N 16°28′3.86″E

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