Ekhagens Strandbad 2015
Ekhagens Strandbad 2015 | Photo: I99pema (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Ekhagens Strandbad

Beach at Lilla Värtan in Norra Djurgården

Ekhagens Strandbad is a small sandy beach on the shore of the bay Lilla Värtan in Norra Djurgården, the northernmost district of Stockholm.

Ekhagens Strandbad is a natural bathing place consisting of a sandy beach about 50 meters long and a sunbathing lawn. The whole bathing place is surrounded by high trees, so that depending on the time of day some parts of the beach are always in the shade. Apart from a small toilet house and waste bins, the bathing spot does not have any other equipment.

In the mornings the bathing place is mainly visited by families with children, while in the afternoons and evenings there are mainly students from the neighbouring student dormitory. The beach is not directly accessible by car – the nearest parking is about 900 meters away on the street on the opposite side of the dormitory.

114 17 Stockholm (Norra Djurgården)
59°22′21.0″N 18°4′8.26″E

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