Blå Lagunen 2016
Blå Lagunen 2016 | Photo: Holger Ellgaard (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Blå Lagunen

Beach on the island Munsö

The large beach Blå Lagunen (The blue lagoon) is located at a lake with the same name on the eastern side of the island Munsö near the village Ekeby, about 20 km northwest of Ekerö.

Blå Lagunen is not a natural lake, but an elongated flooded gravel pit of about ten hectares with a bathing beach at its northern end. The lake is framed by the green of a forest area on the edge of the island of Munsö and is only separated from Lake Mälaren, the third largest lake in Sweden, by a very narrow strip of land.

The water of Blå Lagunen is relatively clear, making the lake a popular spot for scuba divers. The sandy beach is around 100 metres long and almost 50 metres wide and is left in its natural state, as far as an artificial lake can be.

The bathing area does not have any equipment such as a bathing jetty or something similar. During the summer season, however, a mobile toilet house and waste paper baskets are set up.

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