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Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Falkenbergs Kommun

Falkenbergs Kommun

The center of Halland

Falkenbergs Kommun is located on the coast of the Kattegat, between the neighbouring municipalities Varbergs Kommun in the north and Halmstads Kommun in the south and thus almost exactly in the geographical center of the province Hallands Län.

With a coastline of about 30 kilometers and an extension of up to 50 kilometers inland, the municipality of Falkenberg is the largest municipality in the province in terms of area. The coast is characterized by shallow bays with long sandy beaches between rocky promontories.

The most beautiful beach is the Skrea Strand on the southern outskirts of the central town Falkenberg. The two-kilometre-long sandy beach is very popular as a summer destination and is flanked by hundreds of small bathing huts, a holiday home village, hotels and a camping site.

Behind the coastline, the region is initially flat for several kilometers and is intensively used for agriculture. Further inland the fields and meadows give way to increasingly dense woodland, the terrain becomes hilly and shows individual, up to 60 meter high rocky mountain ranges.

Sightseeing and nature in Falkenberg

In total, there are about 270 lakes in the region, most of which are located in the eastern part of the municipality. With the exception of just under a dozen, however, these are small lakes with an area of less than one square kilometer. The largest lake is the 23-square-kilometer Fegen, which is located on the eastern edge of the municipality and extends to the neighbouring provinces Västra Götalands Län and Jönköpings Län in Småland.

The lake, protected as Naturreservat Fegen, is a popular destination with many possibilities for outdoor activities. It is also a popular fishing area and very attractive for canoeists due to its branched and varied structure. The lake dewaters into the river Lillån, a tributary of the well-known salmon river Ätran, which flows into the Kattegat near Falkenberg.

Nationally known tourist destinations around Falkenberg include the Fotomuseet Olympia, one of the leading photography museums in Sweden, and Svedinos Bil- och Flygmuseum, one of the largest automobile and aviation museums in Europe. This is joined by the Gekås department store in Ullared, which is not a tourist destination in the classical sense, but is known far beyond Sweden's borders as the largest supermarket in the world and has developed into a kind of mecca for shopping enthusiasts.

Besides the lake Fegen, about 35 other nature reserves in the municipality invite you to long walks and to get to know the local flora and fauna. At the same time, numerous cultural monuments from different eras and historically interesting remains are scattered throughout the region, testifying to an eventful history in the past centuries and a colonisation dating back to the Stone Age.

The municipality of Falkenberg in figures

With an area of over 1,150 square kilometers, Falkenbergs Kommun is the largest municipality in the province of Hallands Län. With about 44,500 inhabitants and a resulting population density of 40 inhabitants per square kilometer, the municipality has about twice the population density of the national average.

More than half of the inhabitants, namely more than 24,000, live in the city of Falkenberg and a further majority live in coastal areas, while the interior of the country is much less populated. The next larger localities are Falkenberg's immediate neighbour Skrea with only about 1,900 inhabitants and the coastal town Glommen north of Falkenberg with just under 1,100 inhabitants.