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Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Eksjö Kommun

Eksjö Kommun

Around the wooden town in northern Småland

The municipality Eksjö Kommun is located in the mountainous northeastern part of the Småland highlands, covered by pristine coniferous forests, on the edge of the province Jönköpings Län. In the north, the municipality borders the province Östergötlands Län, and in the east is Kalmar Län.

The landscape in the Eksjö Kommun is characterized by ups and downs between the wooded ridges, which are the highest in the north of the municipality. There are the 342-meter-high Kullar Backar and the 337-meter-high Skurugataberget the second and third highest peaks in all of Småland.

Distributed in the ubiquitous green of the forests are around 180 lakes, which make up almost 10 percent of the total area. The largest lake is the nearly 22-square-kilometer Solgen, which affects to a small extent also the area of the neighboring municipality Vetlanda, followed by the 11.3-square-kilometer lake Mycklaflon.

Destinations and worth seeing

The central town Eksjö is the cultural center of the municipality and as Sweden's largest historical wooden town one of the most important national cultural assets. The picturesque old town of Eksjö has changed little since the late Middle Ages and has been spared in its history by major disasters and fires. The entire development within the old town consists of historic wooden buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries, of which 60 are listed buildings.

One of the most famous buildings within the old town is probably the extraordinary museum Aschanska Gården, a preserved bourgeois residence from the 19th century.

The gorge Skurugata, about 10 kilometers northeast of Eksjö, is also considered to be exceptional and is often referred to as the most remarkable natural phenomenon in southern Sweden. Perhaps not so spectacular but in any case special, is Sweden's oldest secular wooden building, the 13th-century tithe barn Tiondeboden in the village Ingatorp[/link ], about 30 kilometers east of Eksjö.

The municipality Eksjö in numbers

Eksjö Kommun is one of the medium-sized municipalities in Jönköpings Län with an area of more than 870 square kilometers. With around 17,500 inhabitants, the population density in the municipality with almost 22 inhabitants per square kilometer is a little above the Swedish national average.

More than half of the population, nearly 10,500 people, live in the area of the city Eksjö. In total there are only five other villages in the municipality where more than 200 people live. The next largest town is [link=3-466]Mariannelund with almost 1,700 inhabitants, followed by Ingatorp with just under 500 inhabitants.