Filmbyn Småland 2017
Filmbyn Småland 2017 | Photo: GuidebookSweden (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Filmbyn Småland

Film museum in Mariannelund

The modern museum Filmbyn Småland, dedicated to the history of film adaptations of well-known Astrid Lindgren stories, is located on the outskirts of Mariannelund at the border to the neighboring municipality Vimmerby, about 35 kilometers east of Eksjö.

The focus of Filmbyn Småland is on the creation of well-known children's films such as Emil of LönnebergaWe on Seacrow Island or Pippi Longstocking. The exhibits include original costumes and props, as well as complete movie sets in which the interior scenes of the films were filmed. These include, for example, the interior of the Mattisburg from Ronia, the Robber's Daughter, the merchant shop of Seacrow Island, the kitchen of Pippi Longstocking or the interior of Emil's carpenter's shed.

The exhibition is accompanied by interactive media as well as several small recording rooms where you can sing film songs in karaoke style. In several places are smaller and larger screens showing the classics of Swedish children's films.

While Filmbyn features the scenes of the indoor shots that were housed in improvised studios in Mariannelund during filming, there are around ten locations in the area where the exterior shots were filmed. The best known of the film locations are the farm Gibberyds Gård (Katthult) and the hamlet Sevedstorp (Bullerbyn).

If you want to strengthen yourself with coffee, cake, ice cream or a snack after your visit to the museum and before you maybe make your way to one of the other venues, you will have plenty of opportunity in the adjoining café.

Filmbyn Småland, which opened in 2017, does not just want to be a museum, but has the ambition to become the national meeting place for the Swedish children's film. There are plans for large meetings and conferences in the future – workshops for filmmakers or for children and adolescents interested in making films are already being offered on a small scale and are to be further expanded.

Spilhammarvägen 4
598 97 Mariannelund
57°37′19.7″N 15°35′49.2″E
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