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Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Borgholms Kommun

Borgholms Kommun

The northern part of Öland

Borgholms Kommun is the northern of the two municipalities on the Swedish Baltic island Öland and extends approximately from the center of the island to its northern tip. The southern half of the island on the other hand is part of the territory of the municipality Mörbylånga Kommun.

While the south of Öland is influenced largely by the barren karstic landscape Stora Alvaret, the landscape in northern direction is more green. The region is used agriculturally and interspersed with small woods. The largest contiguous forest of the island spreads over approximately the last 15 to 20 kilometers to the northern tip of Öland. The area belongs mostly to Ekopark Böda, a former forestry used state forest.

The extreme northern tip of Öland is marked by the lighthouse Långe Erik and a few kilometers to the southeast you find the remarkable nature reserve Trollskogen (Enchanted forest) with ancient, crooked trees. On the west coast you will encounter Byrums Raukar, peculiar limestone pillars created by erosion. It's the only place on Öland where they occur and they are actually known from the island Gotland.

Testimonies of the older and younger cultural history are widely spread on the territory of the municipality. The most popular, the royal summer palace Solliden and the impressive ruin of Borgholm Slott are located near the island's secret capital Borgholm. The witnesses of the most ancient island history includes the ruins of Ismantorps Borg in the forest Mittlandskogen.

There is a variety of bathing places on either side along the coasts. The largest of them is located on the north east coast at the village Böda Sand. Large campsites and plenty of other vacation rentals offer a lot of space for travelers to Sweden's sunniest island.

The north of the island is less densely populated than the southern part there are only a total of five villages with more than 200 residents in the municipality Borgholm. The largest town is the main town Borgholm with almost 3,100 inhabitants, followed by Köpingsvik (600 inhabitants), Löttorp and Rälla each with just over 400 inhabitants and the village Björkviken (210 inhabitants).