Lessebo Handpappersbruk 2015
Lessebo Handpappersbruk 2015 | Photo: GuidebookSweden (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Lessebo Handpappersbruk

Historical paper mill in Lessebo

Lessebo Handpappersbruk in the small town Lessebo in southern Småland is the only paper mill in Sweden, which produce paper entirely by hand according to historical methods.

In mid-2018 the Lessebo Handpappersbruk was shut down by the commercial operator and is currently not accessible. The municipality and provincial government are discussing concepts for making the historic paper mill accessible to the public again as a museum.

The Lessebo Handpappersbruk was founded in 1693 and produces handmade paper - according to an over 300 years old and almost unchanged process. The paper with the well known watermark is used as stationery and envelope as well as for special documents such as marriage and baptismal certificates, high quality business cards or even for watercolor paintings.

The paper mill and factory shop are open for visitors on all working days in summer. There are also guided tours through the historical production several times a day. Lessebo Pappersbruk is an industrial museum, which is still operating and was declared the industrial monument of the year in 2016.

Storgatan 79
360 50 Lessebo
56°44′53.0″N 15°16′16.2″E

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