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Järrestads Hällristningar 2008
Järrestads Hällristningar 2008 | Photo: Jorchr (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Simrishamns Kommun

Järrestads Hällristningar

Järrestads petroglyphs

Järrestads Hällristningar are among the best-preserved rock carvings in Skåne and all of Sweden. They are located just about 1.5 kilometres north of the small village of Järrestad in the municipality of Simrishamns Kommun, only seven kilometres west of the city of Simrishamn.

The rock carvings near Järrestad are from the Bronze Age (1,500 - 500 BC) and were probably carved or pecked into the rock with stones. In total, Järrestads Hällristningar consists of over 1,200 individual carvings on an area of about 500 square metres. Of these, almost 700 are so-called bowls, round depressions that can be several centimetres deep. Other images are mostly carved only a few millimetres deep into the quartzite stone.

Explore Järrestads Hällristningar

Besides the bowls, you will also find depictions of 25 ships and a handful of horsemen, animal figures and weapons, which, with enough imagination, can tell a story. More than 200 foot prints are scraped into the rock in such a way that they appear to be pointing south.To visit Järrestads Hällristningar, leave the small parking area and walk about 150 metres along the path between the fields.

272 94 Simrishamn (Järrestad)
55°33′0.77″N 14°16′45.0″E

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