Hemmesdynge Kyrka 2010
Hemmesdynge Kyrka 2010 | Photo: Jan Ainali (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Hemmesdynge Kyrka

Medieval church in Hemmesdynge

The church of Hemmesdynge, a tiny village located about 4 kilometers north of Smygehamn, is originally from the 12th century, but has been completely renovated in the mid-19th century. Bizarre story: There is an old grave inscription of a woman in the cemetery which says that she shall have given birth to a dead son seven days after her own death.

Hemmesdynge byaväg
231 99 Klagstorp (Hemmesdynge)
55°22′13.2″N 13°21′17.6″E

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