Hannabadssjöns Badplats 2019
Hannabadssjöns Badplats 2019 | Photo: GuidebookSweden (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Hannabadssjöns Badplats

Beach at the lake Hannabadsjön in Markaryd

Hannabadsjöns Badplats is a small sandy beach at the lake Hannabadsjön on the outskirts of Markaryd, the central town of the municipality Markaryd in the extreme southwest of Småland.

Hannabadsjöns Badplats is situated on the north-eastern shore of the lake Hannabadsjön, which is about one square kilometre in size. It consists of a natural, about ten meter long sandy beach and a small lawn with some shade-giving deciduous trees.

285 91 Markaryd
56°26′25.5″N 13°34′12.1″E

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