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Rottnebyskogens Naturreservat 2019
Rottnebyskogens Naturreservat 2019 | Photo: Calle Eklund (CC BY-SA 4.0)
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Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Falu Kommun

Rottnebyskogens Naturreservat

Nature reserve in Falun

Rottnebyskogens Naturreservat is located on the top of an ice-age moraine on the north-eastern outskirts of Falun and consists of an almost untouched coniferous forest with an unusually large number of 200-300 year old pines.

Rottnebyskogen used to be part of the property of the old Rottneby estate located just below the hill, whose historical roots go back to the 15th century and was originally built as a so-called miner's farm by mine owners. When the last owner of Rottneby planned to cut down the old natural forest towards the end of the 1990s, the Falu Kommun initially stopped the project and finally declared the forest a nature reserve in 2003.

The existence of a natural forest with old trees is unique for the region, as the wood consumption of the smelting works and mines, especially the Falu Gruva, was so great until long into the 19th century that all the old forests around Falun were cut down.

Flora & Fauna in Rottnebyskogen

The forest in Rottnebyskogens Naturreservat is left to itself and evolves mostly free of human influence. For example, centuries-old giant trees tower into the sky, recognisable by their gnarled, crooked branches and exceptionally thick bark next to dead trees whose bare trunks, bleached by the weather, shine silvery. On the ground, fallen trees lie as they fell, providing a habitat for a range of wood-loving insects, and in between, young trees stretch their tops towards the sunlight.

The old natural forest forms the basis of life for a number of species that depend on the existence of old trees. Among them are some lichen species and the rare beetle Nothorhina punctata whose larvae can only develop in the thick bark of living old pines. Another inhabitant of the nature reserve that only occurs on old pines is the red ring rot (Porodaedalea pini).

Exploring Rottnebyskogens Naturreservat

A number of gravel paths lead through the nature reserve, inviting you to go for beautiful walks, cycling and, in some parts, horse riding. Barbecue huts and rest areas offer you opportunities to take a break in the forest. From the rest area at the south-eastern edge of the nature reserve you have a beautiful view down into the valley to the two lakes Hosjön and Runn. The site is situated on the edge of an open area that was once used for farming and has now become a habitat for numerous wildflowers. You will find another lookout point with a barbecue hut about 500 metres to the north.

791 44 Falun
60°35′41.6″N 15°43′9.69″E

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