Karlshamns Museum 2014
Karlshamns Museum 2014 | Photo: Patrik Nylin (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Karlshamns Museum

Museum in Karlshamn

The Karlshamns Museum is located in the so-called Kulturkvarteret (cultural quarter), a historical district with old merchants and warehouse buildings from the 18th century in Karlshamns city center.

Karlshamns Museum is situated mainly in Smithska huset, the former residence of the Smith-family, a local brandy producer. There you might see the exhibition about the history of the city and its economic development.

The elaborate ceiling paintings in the house bear witness to the wealth of the former merchant family. Here is also a small room with exhibits about the life of Alice Tegnér (*1864, †1943), a well known composer of children's songs who was born in Karlshamn.

In another building you can see exhibits from the former snuff and chewing tobacco factory Dahlens, founded in 1798. Also on display is a collection of typewriters which were produced from 1913 to 1993 by the former pocket-watch producer Halda in Svängsta. Also some of the oldest pocket watches produced by Halda are shown.

In addition to a detailed built up silversmiths you can also see essential components of the former print shop Johannsson which has been operated in Karlshamn from 1848-1976.

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