Högarör 2015
Högarör 2015 | Photo: GuidebookSweden (CC BY-SA 4.0)


Grave mound from Bronze Age near Karlshamn

The grave mound Högarör from the Bronze Age (1500–500 BC) is located on the Stärnö peninsula, about 4 kilometers southwest of Karlshamns city center.

The grave mound was piled up with stones from the surrounding boulder fields on a hill of about 50 meters. The impressive size of Högarör with about 30–40 meters in diameter and a height of 5 meters let assume that this had been the tomb of a chief.

To get to the grave mound, you can park your car in a small parking lot (56°08'43.5"N, 14°50'42.9"E) before reaching of Stärnö beach. From there follow the red signposts for about 500 meters.

Södra Stärnövägen
374 31 Karlshamn
56°8′57.4″N 14°50′42.3″E

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