Karlshamns Kommun

The good Karlshamn

In the municipality of Karlshamn over 31,000 inhabitants share an total area of about 500 square kilometers. Even though Karlshamn kommun belongs to the smallest municipalities in Sweden, measured by its territory, but with a population density of around 64 inhabitants per square kilometer it belongs to the most dense populated areas in Sweden.

The capital and administrative center of the municipality is the port city Karlshamn. It has approximately 19,000 inhabitants and is also the largest city in the municipality. The nearest larger localities are Mörrum with about 4,000 inhabitants and Svängsta with about 2,000 inhabitants.

The two villages are located along the river Mörrumsån, one of the most popular salmon rivers in Sweden, which flows through the region from north to south and empties into the Baltic Sea. Especially the village Mörrum is known in this context for its centuries-old tradition of salmon fishing.

Hällaryds skärgård (archipelago) is located just off the coast of the municipality. The archipelago consists of about 15 smaller and larger islands. In the northern part of the municipality, in transition to the historical province of Småland, are dense evergreen forest and some smaller lakes.