Abu Museet 2010
Abu Museet 2010

Abu Museet

Industrial museum in Svängsta

The award-winning museum with its functioning machines from the era of watch production at ABU-Garcia is located in Svängsta, about 15 kilometers north of Karlshamn.

The museum is located in the original factory building of the company ABU. The assembly halls and the machine shop from the 1930s are still in their original condition and most of the machines are fully functional.

In the exhibition you can see the former products which were manufactured during the company's history. Beginning with the production of pocket watches, the production of taxi meters and phone timers to the world famous fishing reels.

Who would like to know how a Swedish school looked like in the mid-19th century, just need to go a few steps to reach Möllegården school museum, which is situated in a former schoolhouse from 1850.

Holländarevägen 86
376 81 Svängsta
56°15′57.2″N 14°46′8.24″E
Closed today


The company's history began in 1887 with the founding of Halda, the first watch factory in Sweden, by Henning Hammarlund. The award-winning watches gained world fame at the World's Fair in Chicago in 1893. In 1920 Halda laid down the watch production.

The former foreman Carl-August Borgström bought the inventory and machinery and began with its own production of pocket watches under the name "AB Urfabriken (ABU)" in 1921. It was followed by the production of taxi meters and phone timers.

From 1939, they started manufacturing fishing reels and other fishing equipment. In the 1940s the old factory building was too small and they moved to the new production halls in 1943. Abumuseet was established in the old factory in 1977.

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