God Natt 2010
God Natt 2010 | Photo: Boatbuilder (CC BY-SA 3.0)

God Natt

Fortified tower in Karlskrona

God Natt is a mighty fortified tower on a tiny island in the sea off Karlskrona, which was intended to defend the entrance to the naval port.

The fortified tower with the soothing name God Natt (Good night) was built from 1857 to 1863 for military security of the port entrance. The tower, located next to the main fairway in about 1 kilometers in front of the naval port, is considered the last construction of a castle keep.

Keeps were widespread fortifications in Europe in the form of massive tower with an extremely reinforced masonry since the Middle Ages. Usually they were part of a castle or fortress, in some cases they stand alone.


God Natt was designed as a defense, but was never used as such. Already during the construction they noticed, that the masonry was much too weak for modern artillery.

The tower was used eventually not militarily. God Natt served as a lighthouse for many decades, inhabited by several generations of lighthouse keepers and their families. They could not have complained about cramped living conditions.

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