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Björneborgs Hembygdsgård 2014
Björneborgs Hembygdsgård 2014 | Photo: Janee (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Kristinehamns Kommun

Björneborgs Hembygdsgård

Local museum in Björneborg

Björneborgs Hembygdsgård is a local history museum in the small village of Björneborg in the municipality of Kristinehamns Kommun, located around ten kilometres southeast of the city of Kristinehamn.

The heritage association Björneborgs Hembygdsförening was founded in 1986, when a collection of old objects from the inheritance of Erling Lindberg was donated. This collection served as the basis for the creation of the museum. The aim of the association is to preserve these objects and present them to interested people.

The museum is now located on the upper floor of the historical Bruksgården in Björneborg. The old building is known as Björneborgs Hembygdsgård. During a visit you can discover historical objects from household, industry and agriculture as well as old school items. The museum is only open on special occasions, but for a guided tour at another time you can contact the heritage association directly. You can find information on the official website.

Just 2.5 kilometres south of Björneborg you will find the nature reserve Blomsterhultsmossens Naturreservat, which you can easily combine with a visit of the museum.

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