Bödeboden 2015
Bödeboden 2015 | Photo: Patrik Nylin (CC BY-SA 4.0)


Heritage museum on Hanö

Bödeboden is a small and cozy heritage museum at the harbor of the island Hanö, approximately 15 kilometers east of Sölvesborg in the county of Blekinge.

The island museum is located at the southern end of the harbor in a former Bödebod from 1958. This is a hut, where fishermen previously repaired their fishing gear. Entry is free, but small donations are gratefully accepted.

Bödeboden grants an insight into the nature, history and cultural development of Hanö and tells the history of fishing of the island. The museum is only open in summer and acts as a sort of social center of the island. One of the rooms is used for small art exhibitions and also serves as a TV room, which is often visited by sailors who anchored in the marina. A little library provides sufficient reading material; you just have to bring a book to get a "new" one.

Hanö Aspuddevägen
294 07 Sölvesborg
56°0′33.8″N 14°50′12.0″E
Closed today

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