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Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Lomma Kommun


Principal town of the municipality Lomma

Lomma is a small coastal town at the Öresund in the southern Swedish county of Skäne and the central town of the homonymous municipality.

With about 11,000 inhabitants, Lomma is the largest town of the municipality Lomma. Although the town was founded in 1085, there are no historical buildings or places to find. Lomma is a pure residential area with smaller apartment buildings and houses.

Lomma has a good infrastructure with kindergartens, schools, sports fields and several supermarkets. The transport links to Malmö and Lund are very well developed and the majority of working citizens of Lomma commutes daily to work in one of the two neighboring cities.

History of Lomma

The mouth of the river Höje å forms a natural harbor in Lomma. The city was founded there under the name Lummaby in 1085 by a deed of gift of King Canute IV (also known as Saint Canute). The harbor was an important trading center and the river the lifeline for the entire region for many centuries. In particular, the medieval Lund, which was the seat of the archbishop for Scandinavia, benefited greatly from it.

The small Lomma had full town rights, which were then partially restricted by the growing supremacy of Malmö during the Middle Ages. The first brick factories emerged in Lomma in 1682, where the typical bright yellow bricks were burned. The brick factory of Frans Henrik Kockum was founded in 1854 and was for a long time the largest of its kind in Skåne with an annual output of 2.5 million bricks.

The clay was not only suitable for burning bricks, but also as a raw material for cement production. A factory in Lomma for the production of Portland cement was founded in 1871. The era of brick and cement factories in Lomma has ended since the 1970s and the only witnesses are the numerous water-filled clay pits in the north of the city.

Weather in Lomma

11.9 °C

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