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Mini-Map of Sweden with marker at Höganäs Kommun


Bathing resort at the base of Kullaberg

Mölle is one of the oldest seaside resorts in Sweden and is located on the tip of the Kullen peninsula, about 11 kilometers northwest of the city Höganäs.

The small picturesque town Mölle with around 700 inhabitants was originally a fishing village that has been transformed in a rather fashionable seaside resort in the late 19th century. The greatest heyday was during the years just before the outbreak of the First World War. At the beginning of this era Mölle was considered a puddle of sin, as it was the first place in Sweden, where women and men bathed together at a beach.

Mölle is still a popular vacation spot, but now the place attracts mainly day tourists. During the high season so many visitors quarters for several days that the population Mölle's roughly tripled.

History of Mölle

According to archaeological discoveries, it is believed that the area was already inhabited in the Stone Age. The first written mention of the fishing village of Mölle found in a Danish document from the year 1491.

After the completion of current port in the 1880s, the development into a popular holiday destination began. Over this period opened up to twenty hotels. They offered all fantastic views of the Öresund and the Kattegatt.

A several-day visit of the German Emperor Wilhelm II caused a further increase in tourists. In 1907, he was staying with his yacht to an unofficial visit in Mölle. Until 1914, Mölle was so popular among German visitors from the so-called better society that almost gave the impression it was a German colony. There was even a railway connection with direct trains to Berlin since 1910.

With the start of World War I, the German tourists stayed away completely, but returned after the war until 1933. After the Second World War, tourism developed in Mölle by the character of a mundane seaside resort, towards a popular destination for day-trippers.

Weather in Mölle

17 °C

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