Stora Hammars Mölla 2011
Stora Hammars Mölla 2011 | Photo: GuidebookSweden (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Stora Hammars Mölla

Smock mill in Höllviken

The windmill of Stora Hammar was built in 1868 by Per Jönsson and is located east of Ortsrandes of Höllviken.

This windmill is a so-called smock mill. In this type of windmill, the wings are mounted in a rotatable cap that is on top of the mill tower.

A long time before the present mill was built, there was a predecessor at this place. A post mill is mentioned in 1569. The present mill was in operation until 1941 and sold after closure. After only a short time in private hands she get in municipal hands.

Since 1990, it belongs to the Stora Hammar mill club. The association began to restore the mill in 1993 and completed the restoration five years later with the re-opening of the mill.

At the annual Mill Day the mill is put into operation and the mill association celebrates its Midsummer party here.

236 34 Höllviken
55°24′58.7″N 12°58′50.0″E

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