Kolabacken 2011
Kolabacken 2011 | Photo: GuidebookSweden (CC BY-SA 4.0)


Former beacon in Falsterbo

Kolabacken is the oldest light beacon of the North. The former fireplace is located on a sand hill rising above the flat terrain of Falsterbonäsets shore.

The name Kolabacken means coal hill. Even today, remnants of the old charcoal can be found on the hill.

239 40 Falsterbo
55°23′2.34″N 12°49′20.8″E


With the approval of the Danish king Valdemar in 1222 Dominican monks built a light beacon. The fire should help guide ships to pass the reef of Falsterbo safely.

About 400 years later, King Christian IV ordered to build a rocker fire at this point. A replica can be seen at the Fotevikens Museum in Höllviken, approximately 12 kilometers away.

From the 16th century the beacon is no longer mentioned. After the end of the heydey of Falsterbo the expenses for the operation of the beacon was probably no longer appropriate. In 1796, a lighthouse was built 400 meters west, which still exists today.

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